Monday, September 3, 2012

Motif Monday: The Willow Block

Willow Block

This week I made The Willow Block by guessing. The pin I saw of this doesn't have a free pattern online, but this blog showed step by step pictures that I think I did ok at deciphering. I don't feel good about giving out the pattern when the author didn't publish it online so you'll have to make due the way that I did.

Finished Block

Here it is, row by row:

Yarn and Hook

Row One

Row Two

Row Three

Row Four

Row Five

Row Six

Row Seven

So there you go! It's actually meant to have three colors, but I didn't feel up to switching them today. I think it's a really pretty pattern and someday I may make a bunch of them to turn into a sort of curtain. I think it would look really pretty with the sunlight shining through it. This block's fate has already been sealed though:


I think that Motif Mondays may turn into me just building an afghan!


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  1. Thanks for your take on the willow pattern.Found it very helpfull I have the book with the original pattern.I Just do not get the bit after the circle, so am going to guess it.Yours looks pretty good.