Wednesday, September 5, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Union Jack Pillow

Union Jack Pillow

This patriotic pillow was sort of commissioned by a friend, but I think after I'm finished I'll make one for myself. Sorry the pictures are so bad, I usually try to get them during the day when there's some good light, but I was rather busy today.


I realized pretty much at this point that I did one of the rows wrong and I'm debating whether to pull it all out and fix it. I probably will considering this is for someone else and also looking at it this way makes me angry. The smaller red stripes should have started a row sooner. Gah! This is something that I do a lot and it gets really frustrating.


I'm actually using wool for this project which surprisingly, so far, has not hurt my fingers... but I'll keep them crossed. The original project that inspired this one can be found here. It's done really well, but the colors were a bit light for me so I went with something a bit darker. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to make the back the same or use a fabric backing like the original. We shall see...


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