Monday, September 10, 2012

Motif Monday: Cotton Smile

Cotton Smile Motif

Today I was out of town and I didn't get back before dark, so my pictures are pretty lame. Also just as I went to take a picture of the first row, my camera died. All I've got are pictures of the fished project, but that's ok because this motif is pretty simple.


The instructions are in diagram form or I've also heard it referred to a Japanese patterns, but I'm not sure how accurate that is. I like this style of pattern because it's universal. It's tough when I find something i really wanna make and then the pattern is in like, Russian. Here's a link to the Raverly page.

Motif Angle

I have no idea why this motif is called the Cotton Smile; sounds pretty creepy to me, but I think it's lovely. I also don't know whst I'm going to use this for... Oh well!


Maybe it's called Cotton Smile because the trebles looks like smiles? I didn't use cotton though so I guess this is the acrylic smile!


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