Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fisherman's Ring Walkthrough

fisherman's ring walkthrough

Hello everybody, it's been a while... I've had a request to go through the steps for the motif called The Fisherman's Ring, so that's what I've got today. I had made one of these before I started this blog and so my previous post only has the finished pictures. I remember that back when I originally made this that the pattern was confusing and weird and after going through it again, I have a couple alterations, so let's get started!

Starter Chain

This is the starter chain, easy enough.

Round One

Ok, so here was the first change I made. I followed the instructions and kept coming up short, so instead of chaining 3 and the doing 15 double crochets, I only did 13. I'm not sure why that worked, because the math doesn't really make sense, but what can I say? If you're having trouble, just give this a try.

Round Two

Round Two

Round Two

Round Two

Round Two

The last five pictures are all from round two. The first two show you how it starts, and the third and fourth are pictures of the last cable and how to finish it off. You have to go in front of the first cable. And the last picture is what it looks like finished.

Round Three

On the third round it tells you to single crochet at the base of the next cable, in this picture you can see three spaces between the chain and my finger, the base is the middle one (I think, at least that's where I sc'd on mine).

Round Three

Finished front.

Round Three

Finished back.

Round Four Round four, you should be at 40 stitches around at this point.

Round Five Finished round five; the only thing I want to say about this is that I skipped a stitch on the last cable. you could do one stitch less on the round before, but I didn't want to go back again. I think it still looks ok. :)

Round Six

Round six.

Round Six

This is a close up of the end of round six for anyone that might find the instructions confusing. Instead of chaining five you chain two and do a double crochet where you would normally put the slip stitch.

Round Seven

Round seven, pretty simple.

Round Eight

And finally, round eight! Also, pretty simple.

There you have it! If there's still any confusion, please feel free to ask. I would love to help with anything I can. This is a very lovely motif/square but I must say it's a bit of a pain. I really don't like crocheting into chains, it's so tedious. I love crocheting into chain spaces but that's different. Good luck!


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